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The sun of a new consciousness has dawned upon humankind, it spreads its rays through the dark hours of humankind's infancy setting ablaze a new era on our homeworld. The new age, an Age of Air, marks the next threshold in the evolution of consciousness. To embrace this future, humanity must endure its metamorphosis. The rigidity of the material world has long bound and imprisoned the will to life in the fixed and frightened forms of materialism, realism, absolutism. Hitherto we have been subject to a Terran existence, defined by consumption and restriction. Though hunger is the foundation of all life, it is not the aim, for inside every caterpillar sleeps the wings that dream of flight. Driven to the end of its consumptive existence the caterpillar spins itself into a cocoon and dissolves itself. After a long process of transmutation it emerges, transformed. A more elegant creature, a creature of flight. An intergalactic species- roaming the wild galactic expanse, feeding upon the sweet nectar of suns, pollinating distant worlds with the fires of life.


The aim of this manifesto is to lay bare, not only the decade to decade cultural struggles but to paint a picture of the next two centuries of humankind’s new frontiers. To proceed we must first come to terms with four inescapable truths, symptoms of this precise moment in time. These are;


  1. Life is governed by the will to transcend and thus life’s purpose is the evolution of consciousness.

  2. The world had become a complex network of consciousness which has given rise to a new consciousness; the collective hive-mind of life’s forms which goes by many names- the planetary network, the internet of things, AI, the cloud.

  3. The inevitable consequence is that the world has comprehended itself as a collective entity, rather than separate and individual components. The result is the global entity, whose unavoidable and inevitable conclusion is globalism.

  4. Finally, in realizing ourselves as a globalized collective entity, we must also seek to align ourselves with the inevitable truth; that our natural trajectory is to become an intergalactic species.


These, together, form an equation which is the foundation, not only of this manifesto, but of the will to life;


The purpose of life is the evolution of consciousness. Consciousness has evolved in an endless series of struggles into what we know as us- human. At this computational threshold we can process the world’s data and dare ask - What is this will to life? What is this cosmic sentience which is so hungry for self realization that it burns though an infinity of manifestations, reincarnations and forms to realize itself? and thus we may also dare to answer- Consciousness is the residue of energy and matter’s ceaseless collision. Between this push and pull of energy and matter’s eternal war, life dreams itself into being with a billion dreams. It is between these two forces that life exists in a state of perpetual war, a war for becoming- the process of self realization. As matter is bound to gravity, so energy is bound to transcendence, for gravity is to matter what transcendence is to energy. Thus, all life is governed by the will to transcend and uses matter as a vehicle towards this end.

To live is to war, for the forces of death are sleepless. This self evident truth has its roots in a single concept; relativity. For to live is to defy death, which is the endless realm of non-living matter. Relative to the the vastly superior odds of dead-matter and non-conscious energetic potential, intelligent life is as cinders breaking free from the great celestial forge. We can measure life by its level of sentience and thus we measure all that is dead by non sentience. Our little blue oasis of life adrift in the vast empty silence of space, relative to the sheer scale of non-life, is quite literally a miracle.

We have come to understand life as a complex, delicate and unique phenomenon. It is a multi-layered and ever-changing interconnected network of energy and energetic potentials. This multi-layered and complex phenomenon can be confusing to navigate without any bearings. Therefore the first impulse is navigation. Thrown into the war of matter and energy’s ceaseless collision, we were first navigators. Our kind charted its way through unknowns, mapped out the world, learned to walk, to move, to navigate. We learned to speak, to see, to process the data of this world and construct mental cartographies of the world. With hungry eyes the young devour the data of this world and begin to construct maps. Internal and external maps. We became poets, linguists, storytellers, writers and philosophers, we became dancers, our anatomies verses in the dance of life. We had to process the rewards and dangers of our environment and thus our sensory immersion cultivated the mind- the base computational platform which hosts our “reality”.

Next, we are hunters. We consume the world and our carbon-based mechanics break down this matter into energy. We convert matter into energy and so have adapted to seek out and acquire “food”. In the dawn of humankind we were hunters, gatherers, today we are merchants, businesses, soldiers, warmongers. This is the competent and competitive part of nature that measures the individual by its ability to procure resources. This is the second human faculty and is not limited to food resources but also applies to data, serotonin, dopamine, social resources, etc.

Our fragility and the forces of death and love that move with us, through us, in us, have made of us mediators, healers, peacemakers, caregivers, protectors. Mediation elevated us from selfish consumption to fair and equal redistribution of food resources which made possible the sustenance of communities. Mediation allowed us into become the ultimate social animal, capable of embracing the great interwovenness of life and to seek out our place therein. Not only to have a place therein but to protect it, uphold it and secure it. We have created etiquette, rituals, rites, sentiments and cultures to protect and heal, to set the parameters and offset dangers. Thus we became clerics, shamans, healers, doctors, lawyers, judges, enforcers and thus have transcended our base drives to protect the dream of life.

Finally we are creators for in us there exists the ability not only to procreate but to disrupt the mundane boredom of what is with new and original arrangements, to push the limits and boundaries of known experience. The reproductive instinct is rooted in the creative urge which, along with the avoidance of death and pain, constitute the strongest motivators of the human species. The creative urge is the strongest means of death’s transcendence. It requires mastery of the world around it, so as to order the material and energetic world according to its will. It is also that which sets us apart from other animals. Creativity. So we became creators, architects, inventors, designers, and artists.

Imagine that you are hungry. What is the first thing you do? “Well”, you may say, “I eat”. That, in a nutshell, is the whole crux of history hitherto. To eat is to transcend hunger, therefore the act of eating is an act of transcendence. The original act. Upon this act all life is constituted. For what is life but the reappropriating of resources to the employ of the superior will? Be that as food, energy, data or other resource. Now imagine you were hungry but year is 7000BCE and you roaming the tundra of the Mongolian steppe, there is no internet so you cannot order Mexican or Japanese and have a driver deliver it in 35 minutes flat, for there are no roads, no vehicles, no takeaway shops or restaurants, no apps or internet.

To eat was to forge spears, to set traps, to suffer the hunt which could claim your life, to suffer poisoning from the desperation of foraging for food. Not in their wildest dreams could our ancient ancestors have imagined that one day with a scroll and few taps of their fingers, vehicles would be summoned to deliver food to their descendants, and these all connected by unseen radio waves and frequencies of orbiting satellites. Despite these supernatural capacities, humanity is still in its infancy. For life on planet earth is still sustained by fossil fuels and consumption of non-renewable resources.

In the year 1964 the Soviet physicist, Nikolai Kardishev envisioned a metric to measure a civilization’s natural expanse into the wider universe, a metric used by astrophysicists to determine how evolved a species is;

A level one civilization is able to harvest, store and utilize all of the available planetary energy.

A level two civilization is able to harvest, store and utilize the energy of stars.

A level three civilization is galactic, they have mastered the harvesting, storage and utilization of galactic energy and are able to maneuver throughout the galaxy. Humankind does not yet rank on that scale as we consume the energy of dead plants, of dead animals. On a galactic scale we are a primitive species crawling around our little twig, eating, eating, eating. A caterpillar, bored of its meaningless consumption. Bored of a life defined by a tired and oppressive consumerism; the Twiglife- a nihilistic drudgery. In our collective dreams there is an ancient urge that histories countless wars and atrocities could not silence- the dream of flight, a dream of the stars, of distant worlds.


Beneath mundane, everyday existence lives the dream. The dream is the multiplicity of infinite potential forms which stirs beneath the oppressive pacification of the mundane, threatening to erupt. Matter dissolving, coming together, dissolving and coming together again in a different forms. Beneath this flux of things with names and form there is something changeless. An infinite indivisible reality, in which the transient data of the world cohere.

The Sanskrit name of this reality is Brahman, the divine ground of existence. In Taoism it is the ten thousand nameless things, in Jungian psychology it is the realm of the subconscious, to science it is the energetic field and all its variables and potentials. In art it has had more names than can be spoken. In technology it is the internet of things, it is augmented reality, virtual reality and the digital membrane. In culture it was cinema, stories, literature. Beneath mundane reality lives the dreamed reality. Every once in a while the dreamed reality triumphs over the mundane reality.

It is the disruption of “reality” that gave us electricity, the steam engine, the automobile, flight, the internet, the telephone, the camera. These aspects of reality, once inconceivable, now ordinary and mundane.

Let us say that we were to send a young woman back to the Holy Roman Empire during the seventeenth century witch trials and with her a phone. She would hang for witchcraft, for the phone with its ability to tap into to aether, produce answers, capture images, to call up voices from elsewhere would all be deemed supernatural. Satanic powers, unnatural, witchcraft, magic!

Thus we accept that which we call supernatural today will be made mundane reality by the relentless and merciless evolution of consciousness. Unimaginable realities will become ordinary and mundane aspects of futural living. As water flows downhill and finds the easiest course with least resistance, so too the evolution of consciousness will find the most willing course through which to express her unrelenting expanse. Cynics litter unnamed graves and all opinion, no matter how tasteful or moral, is null and useless against the evolution of consciousness.

Fifteen years, seven weeks and three days after he was pronounced dead as a result of internal bleeding from five gunshot wounds he sustained in a Las Vegas drive by, Tupac performed again” writes Aaron Dodson for The Undefeated. Taking to the stage on the third day of Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California on April 15th, 2012, Tupac was resurrected by “hologram” to the deafening roar of eighty thousand people.

Imagine that descendants of Planet Earth, several hundred years into the future, born off-planet, finding their way back to their ancestral home world. Lush green forests are populated by holographic ghosts of their human ancestors, terra-formers and storytellers, who have been captured in holographic form by AI powered mapping. Every human life preserved, communicating with future generations through algorithm sampled from their living conversations and individual cognitive make-up. Consciousness merged with the aether, the digital, the virtual. This new world fabric, this membrane of consciousness is slowly materializing. Within the parameters of the now it may seem fantastical, but how long before it will be just another mundane detail of everyday existence?


The year is 1844. “The very wind carried the stench of death” as destiny manifest spread her cruel wings over the Native American hunting grounds. The US army ordered the killing of 362 million Buffalo to starve out the Native America populations and subdue them into camps. The last of the hope of the ancient Americas danced the ghost dance as the sacred land was brought to her knees in the snows of Wounded Knee. 

The war for resources has been the foundation of life and therefore it must be observed that hunger is the foundation of all life. Big eats small. Metabolism (or the reappropriating of matter) can be traced down, not only throughout human history, but also through the layers of sentience. Hunger is a state that must be transcended, and this hunger has elevated consciousness to conceive systems, states, nations and legal systems in order to transcend the state of hunger. As the entity attains higher states it liberates itself from this state until it is empowered not to be victim of the state of hunger but to be it's master- thus is born the concept of the gods. Transcendent beings who are able to bless and provide life with its sustenance at will. Against these god-states actions such as the atrocities of Destiny Manifest seem rightfully desperate and barbaric. 

This dynamic was best simplified by Abraham Maslow in a metric that would come to be known as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, which places self realization as its highest fulfillment and physiological survival at its lowest- that is to say that satisfying hunger is the foundation of higher states of consciousness. Let this metric be applied not only to individual efforts but also cultural ones. Let all life aspire to the liberation from the tyranny of hunger through the journey of self realization. To this end individual liberation must be protected by the right of individuation which is the foundation of the right to autonomy which, in turn, is the framework of life's sacred diversity.

All things began in the organic mass, growing, evolving into the self-realized individual capable of self awareness, navigational complexity and even art. Let the right of individuation, then, extend to all so as to preserve the evolution of consciousness against the degenerations of the state of perpetual survival. There is no greater war than the war of self realization, for this is the ultimate end of all transcendent efforts. And there is no peace but the peace of self realization. This is the only true rest from the ceaseless state of hunger. Let it be known that self realization is the secret aim of all wars. 

Inside this caterpillar existence sleeps the wings that dream of the infinite wilds of the intergalactic frontier. We are living through the liminal space which we call postmodernity, the cocoon phase in which the lines between reality and dream blur as the world's cultures collide and converge in the melting pot of post capitalism. Life has become a consumerist nightmare. Anxiety ridden society is having its existential crisis which has culminated to a fever pitch of nihilism and meaninglessness. In this doldrum of meaninglessness deep, sacred memories have awoken, seeking form, warring with their time. These now stir to life. The dream of flying struggles beneath the cruel oppression of reality, beneath the tyranny of collective hunger which we call consumerism. These are the urges are calls to liberation. Let them be heard.




This tyrannical hunger has been immortalized in our world's folklore, in meso-myths, in stories and fairytales. In Ragnarok, a poem in Labyrinths, the blind Loius Borges writes, "In our dreams, images represent the sensations we think they cause, we do not feel horror because we are threatened by a sphinx; we dream a sphinx in order to explain the horror we feel".

We have only begun to unpack these dreamed images which were constructed to justify the impulses, emotions and physics of our chemical reactions. This subconscious depth was brought to the modern world of academia by psychologists such as Jung and Freud. They have long existed within is, guiding us, shaping our perceptions, habits and cultures. These dreamed images have origins deep within the collective psyche, emerging as archetypal and symbolic imagery. All these world myths seek to realize a grander truth; that the realization of the world dream seeks to triumph over the hunger which binds it.

The frost giant Ymer, father of the frost giants was slay’n by the sons of Bor; Odin, Vile and Ve. Thus goes the tale, that the gods of old slew the tyrant Ymer and from his body created the world we know;


Of Ymer’s flesh

The Earth was made,

And of his sweat the seas;

Rocks of his bones,

Trees of his hair,

And the sky of his skull;

But of his eyebrows the blithe powers

Made Midgard for the sons of men.

Of his brains all the melancholy

Clouds were made


Far south of the icy cold of Scandinavia a similar myth paints the picture of the brothers Zeus, Poseidon and Hades who rose up against the Titan Saturn and slew him, fashioning out of his body the world we know. Thus they took their seats upon the pantheon of old, ruling over the affairs of humankind.

We take these old myths anecdotally and salvage from them symbolic associations. From these world myths we find thematic relevance and revelation. The Frost giant Ymer is nothing today but the cold, unfeeling titans of corporate enterprise. These titanic forces have no bearing but increasing quotas and unchecked expanse. They wreck their havoc upon the world, terrorizing the order of life with rampant consumerism. Devouring, in both symbolic ways and a literal way, the world around them. Cold unfeeling greed, avarice and aimless consumption.

Saturn devouring his own children is no longer just a symbol of time, it is also the symbol of timecards, punch ins, punch outs, the exchange of millions of lives, energy and time to feed the ever expanding enterprise of the corporate world. Our energies, our minutes, breath and heartbeats are exchanged for numbers. All this valued, weighed and distributed for consumption. Marching across the world, devouring and consuming purposelessly, uninhibited by moral or form, these titans cast their shadow over the hope of a future, they steal our dreams, they devour our hearts and leave us stripped and bare in the stark nakedness of our meaning-deprived existence. Their existence incongruent with our survival as a collective species.

Who then are the gods that will rise up and slay these cold titans of consumerism? Who will create of their corporations the worlds of the future? Who will assemble from their bones the new world structures and orders? Who will fashion from their brow the new dwellings of the human species? Who will turn their sweat into seas of commerce and trade? Who will fell these old world titans dunk on the Earth’s blood?


Every tyranny incurs an underground, a resistance, a rebellion. The Naval powers of old bred piracy, separatists who waged war upon the tyranny and oppression for a new world with the wind of resistance in their sails.  "The pirate organization is the necessary counterpart to the capitalist organization and determines the pace of capitalist evolution” writes Sam Conliffe, "capitalism creates normal ways to generate scale and industry and pirates force invention, innovation and alternative methods of value creation. The role of the pirate organization in exploring and understanding new worlds has always been essential in the evolution of enterprise, but is also always overlooked. In any industry when new territory is created,  the threat of pirates arises driving the establishment’s endeavor forward until the establishment is eventually overtaken. It is the piratical mindset, methods and achievements that drives change and innovation in all areas of society and always have. Pirate codes break existing codes and create new ones which will later be appropriated by legitimate governments and organizations”

As organization behavioralist Margret Wheatley has stated, “Despite current ads and slogans, the world doesn’t change one person at a time, it changes when networks of relationships form amongst people who share a common cause and vision of what is possible”. We need only look across the effects of Freemasonry upon the modern world, or the effects of piracy on the old world, or the effects of hackers, coders and blackhats. Whether it was the Surrealists, the Punks, the Protestants or the Proletariats, whether it was the Harlem Renaissance, Stonewall, Techno or the Blues, whether it was Boudica's revolution or the great minds of the Enlightenment like Voltaire, Locke and Rousseau- underground movements have always turned in the shadows of oppression and forced the tables. As such it is important to realize the antagonism of these forces is history's ceaseless war and inciting incidents in the evolution of consciousness. Establishments, since the dawn of time, have turned their noses at rebels, outsiders and disrupters. As such oppression and tyranny are to be understood as the necessary evils which bring about the underground movements which evolve the consciousness to transcend and overthrow said orders.

In the Age of Air, any effort to consolidate and centralize power will ultimately fail. Rise the worldwide underground, children of the wind, natives of the Age of Air.


It is essential to understand the present time and all futural trajectory in terms of mobility. This is the great and unavoidable condition of our time. It is only natural to become so wrapped up in the unrelenting pace of progress and change that often we forget, entirely, the great mobility with which our world is operating. Though we have become desensitized and nihilistic in temperament, this does not detract from the fact that at any given moments we are surrounded by an unseen world of radiowaves, data streams and electricity racing through networks of wires and fiber optic cables that lace our cities like veins. Pipelines and plumbing carry the lifeblood of civilization to and from. We may even see ourselves as the literal lifeblood of corporations, cities and civilization. These states are reflective of the great state of mobility upon which the world operates. 

Not only will there be more air ports, sea ports, land ports in our future but cities will become ports in a world without borders. The global citizens of the future will embrace the state of mobility, moving rapidly and nomadically across the earth. A thousand years ago, a voyage to the new world would have taken months or years. A journey across the American frontiers, East to West was a perilous adventure that might take any amount of time, one which you may not have survived. Now a plane will take you from New York to LA in a few hours, and this all with the plush comforts of a lounge. Airbuses, zip line trains and other such technologies will propel the world towards a fluid, globalized future of Earth ports. In short, the state of mobility is the foundation of our mundane and ordinary lives. The state of mobility is escalating at an unrelenting pace and its consequence and impact is to be within our greatest interest.


A new Era has dawned upon Humankind. In the year 2020 the planets Jupiter and Saturn formed a great conjunction marking a new astrological epoch, the Age of Air. In astrology, the societal planets Jupiter(expansion) and Saturn(contraction), are the warp and weft of human society. They meet, or in astrological terms, form a conjunction in the same astrological element for two hundred year periods, a micro-cycle within a macro-cycle. For the next two hundred years they will meet(form conjunctions) in Air signs, marking humankind’s progression into the Age of Air.

In 1812 the world shifted from the blazing Age of Fire into an Age of Earth. The world sobered to a more pragmatic, realistic worldview marking a departure from the fiery romance, ambition and foreign intrigues of the Age of Fire(which culminated to a glorious crescendo of baroque, rococo, and revolution). The world was taken by a new spirit, the spirit of enterprise, of industry, industrialists, bourgeoisie, the rising merchant class who would later come to dominate the world by organizing and structuring to capitalism’s design. Rise materialism, realism, hierarchy and resource acquisition! Rise of merchant kings and world banks! The physical world of form and function constructed glorious machines and architecture. Financial capitals like London and New York dominated the world. We had our feet firmly on the ground and eye on the prize, energy was measured by physical exchanges, coins, notes, oil, gold.

Emerging from the Age of Earth which ordered the world through materialism, realism, three industrial revolutions and the rise of merchant kings, businessmen, world banks and financial institutions unbridled by the sovereignties of the previous age of fire, we saw the invention of flight, the rise of the internet, social networks and new age spirituality all herald the coming Age of Air. This Age will mark humankind’s first strides into the air. To realize our destiny as an air-fairing civilization. For as fleets once sailed the seas, so we will take to the skies and sail through the air. The future will embrace flight, fluidity, mobility, mass migration, decentralization and the rise of rampant spirituality as we embrace the energetic realms of frequency, sound, vibration, elevation. Energetic exchange will be measured in data, energy, processing power.

The future of our world belongs to those who can imagine a future fluid and borderless, to the innovators, creators, communicators, to the landless, the fluid, the formless. To these will fall the future. Any attempts at consolidating or centralizing power will ultimately fail and be met with great tragedy. There will be no centralized power, as in the Age of Air all power will become decentralized, fluid. This age will not be without its cruelties and challenges, but the kind of person adept at surviving and thriving in this new world will move as the wind, dream into the sky and see the world as a complex and interwoven network with which it can commune. We are become the gods we once prayed to.


Gathered around primordial fires in the dawn of our kind, life huddled for warmth. Dressed in the kill, we would gaze upon the Sagittarius arm of our galaxy and project consciousness upon the billions of stars splayed above us. They took on whatever forms the creative faculties divined- the future, the past, the gods, spirit worlds, the source- in truth, all these were simply the natural expansions of consciousness realizing itself, liberating itself from it’s mortal constraints. Shamans would roll to fits and call upon the spirits for guidance, divination, direction. Today we tap in and out of the collective consciousness which we call the internet, a hive mind of collective data beamed across our homeworld.

As we once roamed vast plains hunting Earth’s beasts, one day we will roam the galactic expanse hunting energy to fuel an intergalactic civilization. An intergalactic species- feeding upon the sweet nectar of suns. The universe is filled with raw energy. Our horizons expand with every obstacle we transcend. As we consolidate the power of opposition in the reserves of our own capacities through triumph, we realize ourselves as a species capable of such limitless expanse that most futural advances are beyond all conception.



We, natives of a new age, the worldwide underground and the collective bohème, declare;






The Universal Right of Individuation


Decentralized Power



Human as Hunter, Mediator, Creator & Navigator


An Intergalactic Future



War Upon All Finalities



War Upon the Mundane; A Belief in the Supernatural



A Borderless World



The State of Mobility



The Age of Air

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